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Calis Beach Picture


Calis, Fethiye's most popular public beach with a length of 5 km. Lots of restaurants, bars and is one of the best holidays you can spend the tatilinizini. If you are lucky you can watch spawning turtles Caretta. Viewing sunset the sun is one of the best in the world.

Resorts Location:
SW Mediterranean Turkey, Fethiye district. 5 km from Fethiye city center, 18 km from the Oludeniz. 50 km southeast of Dalaman airport, most scenic road.

Postal Code: 48300
Position: on the flat coastal land, long, rather narrow, the beach with the sun looking across the bay to Fethiye town. Green mountains rise in the distance.

General Description: At a little more characterful resort, seafront, with limited traffic access straggling row along a mostly pedestrian boulevard with the hotel. Back from the seafront stone paved and unpaved tracks and more hotels, apartments and holiday homes interspersed with agricultural lands and sites awaiting development lies a patchwork of concrete roads. Lies in an area of ​​tall grassland and greenery on the slopes. In general, the central key, low loose atmosphere.
Market / Suitability: This is a beach location and a compact, easily accessible to seek remedy. Best for families and couples who love the quiet. Some of the nightlife, but plentiful transport to nearby Fethiye town has a great selection. Popular with British and German holidaymakers.

Accommodation: middlemarket category) and apartments, often just below the abundance of small hotels (the most open in summer. Few, more well-equipped hotel, but the amenities are friendly, family-run businesses off the main roads around the resort with the bare essentials and spread along the coast.

Beaches: shades of dark sand and shingle lined with sun loungers and a long, narrow arc extends round a broad bay with sheltered waters. With a grassy verge and small trees, an attractive, especially at pedestrian boulevard by; lit for evening strolls. Safe to swim and some water sports offered. Turtle eggs in the sand at certain times of the year.

Shopping: jewelry, clothing, shoes, beachwear and a small selection of shops and water sports equipment. Many small, well-stocked minimarkets. Souvenirs and local crafts, plenty of spices, tea and Turkish delight. Fethiye town with plenty of shops and a large covered market (Tuesdays) are available.

Entertainments: Daytime: some water sports, such as surfing. Horseback riding. Turkish bath and massage. Aqua park with slides and a fitness center. Good selection of tours to nearby islands, fishing, shark fishing.

Nightlife: more, bar, cafe and cocktail bar, on the coastal avenue with views of the bay is a very good choice and low-key. A couple of discos. Often with live music and belly dancing big hotels offer seasonal evening entertainments. More lively nightlife in nearby Fethiye town.

Restaurant, café, and a snack bar, local and Turkish fare, serving seafood or Italian dishes Gastronomy: Ample choice. Pizza. Homesick for the English breakfasts. Restaurants line the beachfront boulevard, offering airy dining with fine views of bay. Nearby Fethiye town offers more variety.

Public transport: Fethiye city often dolmus (minibus) as well as a taxi in the summer river to Fethiye town (half-hourly boat service during the season). Car, bicycle and moped hire all. Plentiful taxis from the rank and a pair around the holidays.

Local excursions: boat trips to nearby islands; (shark fishing, including fishing trips); Dalyan Turtle Beach, Pamukkale (Cotton Castle), Saklikent Gorge Tilos, various truck safaris in the mountains, Fethiye Market (Tuesday), Marmaris, Olu Deniz