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Historic architecture of the time, an authentic mountain town of resisting!

Ottoman-era stone buildings are still in use. Giving the name of the wine-making town, trying to develop vineyards with recently developed. Ye�ilüzümlü historical roots dating back to the nomadic shepherds, and perhaps the Lycians in which the people of tolerance and hospitality to foreigners, as well as to each other even more attractive for the people of this beautiful nature mode.

Yesiluzumlu, "Dastar called" famous weavings. Dastar does not touch the iconic house in this quaint borough, such as the traditional methods Dastar woven cotton, wool or silk yarns are used. Woven in between each piece is different - no more than one wife. Knock on any door you will find the machine do Dastar; friendly Ye�ilüzümlü residents in weaving all kinds of information you do transfer will serve the home-made wines.

ON SUNDAY established townships every Friday. This is a very charming square, places to socialize with the locals hahvehaneler. Other than that, you can find two different flavors pita pita room. A Raisin in the old house was restored and opened for use WINE HOUSE. In this place you can sample hand-made wine and grape juice, home-cooked food you can eat. However, the region's olives, olive oil, vinegar, figs and tasting many different products will have the opportunity.

Yesiluzumlu, Çameli-Denizli to Fethiye, Fethiye and 16 km away from the dense pine forests in the Mediterranean, sometimes uncomfortable dampness away from the transition zone of the plateau in a quiet municipality. Our land, Ye�ilüzümlü resort altitude is 700 meters above sea level, is in the pine forest Kadyanda the outskirts of the ancient city.

Dikencik house, village, or who want to taste the charm of country life, but also for those who want to take advantage of Fethiye's magnificent harbor and is an ideal base from the sea.

Pike Ye�ilüzümlü to Fethiye, Calis, Koca Calis beaches transport 20 minutes. Municipal and private vans van regularly go to Fethiye are every half hour. Transport by car takes about 20 minutes to Fethiye.