To have a care free holiday




Oludeniz ; Fethiye district of Mugla Province in a resort. Eighty-two percent of the vote in Oludeniz beach, the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006 have been selected.

The resort is well developed in terms of tourism. Lycian land of light and the sun, the Middle Ages, "Far Realm" is recognized as Teke isle is located to the southwest of Anatolia. Abalone in Turkey (lagoon) is one of the formations.

Oludeniz, such as the name is a stagnant lake. Struggling with the waves off the coast of the most tumultuous days Belcegiz, Oludeniz, just flapping occurs.

However, that seems to stagnate in Oludeniz, invisible almost every day for three reasons renews itself. The first of these, Ölüdeniz water outlets available resource intensive, creating a stream at the bottom right inside sea. Secondly, the source of the difference in salt water created by the formation of a circulation  in and out constantly. Third, the effect of tides and two-three days per half meter sea rises and falls. It provides a large amount of sea water inlet and outlet.