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Dalaman is the county administrative center of one of the 12 districts of the Mugla city.

ATM Dalaman International Airport is within the boundaries of this district. After its transformation into a district on the destination Ortaca'nın left. There are 16 villages. In the Mediterranean region in Dalaman, Mugla Province Koycegiz, Dalyan and Fethiye Town district of Denizli Province is one of the Çameli. Eastern, Northern and Western parts of the mountainous southern plains. County land shaded Mountains (2295 m.), Bead Mountain (2265 m.) Roughness. Extending parallel to the Gulf of Fethiye leafy slopes of these mountains, covered with forests of coniferous trees at higher elevations. Plain Dalaman, Mugla Province's most fertile plain. Turkey and the world is in the fertile plains. Dalaman district lands are irrigated, the Mediterranean and Aegean regions are the transition point. Her husband was born near Mount Dirmil Dalaman River is located between Marmaris and Fethiye. The total length of 229 km. Göktepe the Taurus Mountains and Yaylacik by branches growing tea, it flows through a narrow and deep valley, 8 km from Ortaca south into the sea. Height 15 meters above sea level. An area of ​​61,694 hectares, according to the results of the census of 2000 the town a total of 28,148 inhabitants respectively.

The county's economy, tourism, transport, agriculture and paper industry is based. The main agricultural products are grown, wheat, sunflower, vetch, alfalfa, cotton, and corn. Is produced, as well as citrus, pomegranate, fig and avocado are among the products manufactured. Livestock breeding cows raised. Accordingly, milk is produced. Into operation at the beginning of the organizations in the county in 1982, Dalaman Airport is TİGEM and Paper Factory and State Farm. Dalaman, especially in the area of agricultural products and the products of the paper mill with the four corners of the country has a vibrant transport sector.

Dalaman, Mugla, tourist spots, tourist inflows through the airport, and hence affects the economy. Dalaman Airport, the new facilities have been added in order to meet the increasing passenger traffic. Gocek Dalaman Bays known as the yacht tourism in the area, very suitable for the bays.

Leaded, Akbükü, Göbün, Boynuzbükü, and they are major Sarsala Bays. Dalaman Marina and the sea bus board also tender for the project has been completed and a part of the historic site where a part of the Special Environmental Protection Area is within.

Any information about the county's history is not made enough for archaeological excavations and surveys available. However, based on a very old history of the county is in the territory of the ancient Carian thought.

It is near the town of Koycegiz Atakent and one municipal merger Beldeleri'nin Dalaman, Dalaman, in 1983, brought to the county.

Euhippe north of the ancient city of Caria, Dalaman, next to the village of Alacatlı (Pied-horse) is thought to be in place.