To have a care free holiday




A lot of areas will be preferred over other resorts in Gocek has the advantage of reason. Gocek Yacht geographical structure is dominated by tourism, its safe seas, wind and waves eligibility for yachting, history, condition of the structure is ideal climatic and geographical region in the world has a major reputation.
Gocek from time to time in the turquoise waters of the Lycian era when the road was flooded with fascinating historical ruins  are possible .Every encounter with one of the characteristic features of different Gocek islands and bays of your stay to explore the sneaker would recommend you to do with you. Bays or islands, especially in the morning before breakfast with the smell of fresh air and a pleasant walk to region-specific plants will keep you energetic throughout the day.
Göcek is very easy to transport due to the proximity to the international airport of Dalaman, Gocek can be accessed after the plane landed 25 minutes. Transportation by road with spectacular views of the Taurus Mountains, Göcek come to be realized. Other resort areas, as well as the location is at the midpoint of Gocek. For this reason, guests planning to visit different places every single day of holiday is preferred. Göcek - Dalaman and Göcek - Fethiye highway between there are large and comfortable. With spectacular views of the islands of Fethiye, Gocek, especially in half an hour you can reach.

Gocek holiday regions, especially quietness and naturalness is very different from the other. Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea to the island so much due to the presence in the region has the latest finds. Natural wave, the sea, the sea of ​​Göcek with crackers sailors can experience it first opened to the sea to be safe, such as a pool eliminates all the hassles. Bays of the island and has a great importance on the natural riches of the world. The first stop on the journey Gocek Mavi in ​​need as well as all the boats motor yacht to sail home has six marinas. 21 km from the international airport of Dalaman is more preferred because of air travel.

Göcek is also easily reachable by sea and land. Göcek is due to the proximity to other tourist accommodation in the area is quite an asset. Unique in the world Göcek coves, islands, amaze all of their guests with tranquility and tourism accuracy. Air, sea and easy access by road and then you will find yourself in this resort town of peace. Immaculate Mediterranean water, green pine forests and beaches are considered as a hidden paradise, Göcek coves and islands, Gocek has become an indispensable destination for lovers of the sea. Local and foreign tourists that will serve all quality accommodation capacity, daily boat tours, entertainment coast, close to the beach and the bay with a lot of distance offers many alternatives for holiday makers.

The sine qua non of Göcek 12 island tours take in the first place, and you want to enjoy the crystal blue waters, islands and coves daily trips are organized every day. These tours are custom-made wooden boats could take in about 9 hours. Types of motor boat or a sailing yacht in Gocek yacht charter to suit your taste if you want to opt for a boat (yacht charters) are available from companies. Such as sailing and catamaran crew boat hire, gulet, motor yacht boats staffed as you can find. Blue Cruise route and coves of the island available for scuba diving into the crystal clear waters. Located in the south-west Turkey, Gocek, Mugla Province, is the town of Fethiye. Göcek's surface area of ​​approximately 42 km ² and 10.5 km ² wooded area. In terms of a world-famous tourist resort since 1980, and has been discovered. The particular geographic structure, due to being in a quiet harbor of the small boats to mega-yachts boats of all sizes up to provide an enjoyable cruise.